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Touch buttons troubleshooting

Touch buttons troubleshooting

If your nuraphones' touch buttons aren't working, can you please:  

• Make sure you're connected via Bluetooth. 

• If you're using a cable, remove it.  

Your nuraphones’ touch buttons will only function when you're connected over Bluetooth and all cables are disconnected.

Configuring you nuraphones' touch buttons:  

1. Open the nura app.

2. Tap “menu” > “nuraphone Settings” > “Configure Buttons”.  


3. Assign your preferred functions to your desired input interaction

Touch buttons can be disabled entirely by selecting "none".


4. Your touch button settings will be linked to the selected hearing profile.

Your nuraphone will automatically remember the different touch button configurations assigned to each profile. 

nuraphone touch buttons still not working correctly?

Please reset your nuraphones.