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nura tip troubleshooting

nura tip troubleshooting

Should you experience problems with your nuraphone's Personalisation process, or a feeling of discomfort, please do check your ear tips. They protect a very sensitive microphone, which allows your nuraphone to learn your unique hearing, so it is important for them to be positioned correctly. 

Please match up your nuraphone's ear tips to the images below with the ticks and do not look like those in the crosses.  


Make sure your ear tips are pressed securely against the silicon. 


The tips should gently meet the cup. 



Once adjusted, make sure to fold over the sides of the ear tip. 



When folded over, you should be able to see a faint line that tells you the microphone is now positioned correctly in-line with your ear tip. 

The line should look horizontal, not across the middle of your ear tip. 




If there is no line, please gently adjust the tip by rotating it to make sure it appears.