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Bluetooth troubleshooting

Bluetooth troubleshooting

If you're having trouble connecting your nuraphones to your mobile device,or other products, with Bluetooth, can you please: 


1. Check your nuraphones and device are charged.


2. Make sure your nuraphones are on your head.                   

Your nuraphones turn on and enter Bluetooth pairing mode when they're on your head. 


3. Remove all cables from your nuraphones.  

You can’t connect your nuraphones with Bluetooth if there’s any cables connected.   


4. Check your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.


5. Turn your device’s Bluetooth off and on, and then try pairing your nuraphones again. 


6. Check you’re connecting to "nuraphone XXX", not “nuraphone XXX[LE]”.    


7. If you’ve previously connected your nuraphones to your device with Bluetooth, remove your nuraphones from the paired device list and then pair again. 


8. Move your nuraphones and device within 10 feet of each other


9. Move your nuraphones and device away from other Bluetooth devices, microwaves and wireless routers.


10. Restart your device.


Bluetooth connection cutting in and out? 

Bluetooth is made for short distance transmissions, so audio can get a little blurred from time to time. But your nuraphones shouldn't be consistently stuttering when they’re connected with Bluetooth. If they are, can you please: 


  • Move your nuraphones and paired device closer to each other. 
The nuraphone’s Bluetooth sensor is in the right ear cup, so move your paired device closer to the nuraphone’s right-hand side.     


  • Move your nuraphones away from metal appliances, microwaves, wireless speakers, external monitors, LCD displays and other wireless devices. 


  • Check you’ve charged both your nuraphones and your paired device.    


  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest software on your nuraphones and paired device.  


  • Try pairing your nuraphones to a different device and see if the issue persists. 


  • For Android users only: check you’re using the aptX-HD codec.  Tap “Settings”> “Advanced Settings”*. Then, select “aptX-HD” as your codec. 

*To access “Advanced Settings”, you might have to “Enable Developer Options” in your Android device’s “Systems” tab.


Having trouble pairing with a specific Bluetooth products?

Please see our connecting your nuraphones to other products guide.  


Still experiencing Bluetooth issues? 

Please reset your nuraphones or contact us.  

If you’re receiving an error message on the nura app, you can check what it means.