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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone

How effective is the nuraphone’s active noise cancellation (ANC)?

How effective is the nuraphone’s active noise cancellation (ANC)?

The nuraphone blocks as much as 20 decibels (dB) of outside sound. 


Further, the nuraphone’s ANC is designed to cancel outside sound without affecting your music. Where most headphones use the same driver for both music and noise cancellation, the nuraphone cancels outside sound through the ear cups, dedicating the ear tips to capturing all of your music’s detail.  


The nuraphone combines ANC and passive isolation:   

The nuraphone combines passive and active noise reduction to more effectively reduce outside sound. Active noise cancellation (ANC) reduces low–mid frequencies and dual-layer passive isolation reduces mid–high frequencies.  



With ANC enabled, the nuraphone measures outside sound and then cancels it by producing the opposite tones. 


Dual-layer passive sound isolation

The nuraphone’s outer ear cups and inner ear tips are two physical layers that reduce outside sound. 


Please note: the amount of noise reduction always varies across the different frequencies of sound. For instance, the nuraphone is quieter than market leading competitors from about 150Hz to 20kHz.