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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone

Connecting your nuraphones to other products

Connecting your nuraphones to other products

You can connect the nuraphone with the following: 


Please note: your nuraphones automatically apply your hearing profile no matter how you connect. 


Mac/ Bluetooth

1. Put your nuraphones on your head and remove all cables.
2. Open your Mac’s “System Preferences” > “Bluetooth”.
3. Select “nuraphone XXX”.
“XXX” is your nuraphones’ unique 3-digit pairing number.


Windows/ Bluetooth 

1. Put your nuraphones on your head and remove all cables.

2. Select the Bluetooth icon from your computer’s taskbar (bottom-right):
3. From “Bluetooth & other devices”, select “Add Bluetooth or other device”.
4. Select “nuraphone".


1. Open your Mac’s “System Preferences” > “Sound”.
2. Select “nuraphone XXX” as the output device. 


1. Right-click on the volume button in your taskbar.
2. Select “Playback devices”.
3. Right-click on “nuraphone XXX” > “set as default device”. 


If you’re having trouble connecting your nuraphones to your computer, please see our connecting your nuraphones to a computer troubleshooting guide.



Audio configurations on TVs vary. Please check the nuraphone’s Bluetooth system requirements and your TV’s compatibility.


External DACs (digital-to-analog converters)

Audio jack configurations on DACs vary. Where possible, use a digital cable (USB, Lightning) as the nuraphone has a built-in DAC and headphone amplifier.
For a 3.5 mm jack, use the nura analog cable.


Gaming consoles

Use the nura analog cable to connect your nuraphones to a PlayStation® controller, and some Xbox® controllers. However, you're unable to use voice chat functions with your nuraphones. 

Please note: you’re also unable to use Bluetooth to connect the nuraphone to PlayStation® or Xbox® consoles as they have their own licensed options.


Bluetooth network adapters (dongles)

The nuraphone isn’t optimised for Bluetooth dongles. If connecting with a dongle, make sure it’s Qualcomm® aptX-HD™ compatible.


Aeroplane adaptors

Audio jack configurations on aeroplanes vary. For a 3.5 mm jack, use the nura analog cable.