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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone

Personalising your nuraphones

Personalising your nuraphones

When you personalise, your nuraphones learn how you hear and create your unique hearing profile. You’ll need to personalise your nuraphones before you start using them.

If you've already personalised, you can add an additional hearing profile at any time. 

Please note: after you've personalised your nuraphones, they'll automatically apply your hearing profile with any device you use, wireless or wired.


Before personalising your nuraphones:

1. Go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. 

The less background noise the better.  

2. Pair your nuraphones.

3. Download the nura app.


Personalising your nuraphones:  

1. Tap Start on the welcome page of the nura app.  


2.  Adjust your nuraphones by moving the ear cups until you see two constant ticks on your app screen. 

If you're having trouble with this process, please see our personalising troubleshooting guide.


3. Sit back and try not to move around too much during personalisation. 

The personalisation process takes a couple of minutes. 



4. Tap the personalised button to hear music with your hearing profile applied. 



5. Adjust to your preferred level of Immersion.

Your nuraphones use ear cup drivers to create the feeling of a live performance. 


6. Tap the Social Mode button to hear what's going on around you. 


7. Configure your nuraphones' touch buttons. 

Your nuraphone has touch buttons on each ear cup that can be configured to perform helpful functions.  



Want to add, change or delete a profile?

Please see your profile


Having trouble personalising your nuraphones?

Don't worry, we've made a personalising troubleshooting guide for you. 

If you're seeing a nura app error message at any time, you can check what it means.