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Voice calls troubleshooting

Voice calls troubleshooting

If your nuraphones aren't making and receiving calls successfully, can you please: 

1. Check your nuraphones are connected with Bluetooth or Lightning cable only.   

With any other cable, you’ll hear the caller but will have to use your mobile device’s microphone to speak. 

2. Check nothing is blocking your nuraphones’ microphones. 

The nuraphone’s microphones for calls are located at the front of the ear cups:  




3. Remove all packaging and adhesive tape. 
If packaging isn't completely removed, the caller might not be able to hear you at all.  

nuraphone voice calls still not working? 

Please reset your nuraphones.

If you’re connected with Bluetooth and you're having trouble with voice calls, please check our Bluetooth troubleshooting guide. Phone call quality can be affected by your Bluetooth connection.