— The nuraphone /G2
最新的App應用程式及韌體 — 適用於所有的nuraphone用戶。
Everything you need to know about /G2 software upgrade

/G2: More touch button functionality

/G2: More touch button functionality

Your nuraphones have a touch button on each side, which you can tap to perform useful functions. 

With /G2, your touch buttons now have both single and double tap, allowing you to choose four functions at a time. 

Please note: your nuraphones’ touch buttons will only function when connected over Bluetooth and with no cables connected. 


Customising your touch buttons: 

1. Pair your nuraphones and remove all cables. 

2. Open the nura app

3. Select “menu” > “nuraphone Settings” > “Configure Buttons”.


4. From here, you can customise your nuraphones' touch buttons.   

5. Single tap: 


6. Double tap: 


nuraphone’s touch buttons not working?

Don’t worry, we’ve created a touch buttons troubleshooting guide for you.