— The nuraphone /G2
最新的App應用程式及韌體 — 適用於所有的nuraphone用戶。
Everything you need to know about your nuraphone

Charging and battery issues

Charging and battery issues

Your nuraphones' lithium-ion battery provides approximately 20 hours of wireless use.  

When you plug in your nuraphones to charge, you’ll hear a tone that means they’re charging. If you don't hear the charging tone, please make sure your nuraphones are upgraded to /G2.    


If your nuraphones aren't charging, can you please: 

• Make sure you’re charging with the nura USB-A or USB-C cables only. 

Your nuraphones won’t charge when connected with the Lightning, analog or micro-USB cables.  

• Make sure you're not attempting to charge with your phone. 

To help save your phone's battery, most phones won't charge your nuraphones.

• If you’re trying to charge with a computer, please try using a different USB port or a wall charger.

• If you're attempting to charge with a USB hub, please make sure it's powered. Most USB hubs won't provide enough power to charge your nuraphones. 

• If you’re trying to charge with a wall charger, please try charging with a computer.  

• If you’re trying to charge with a USB-A cable, please try charging with a USB-C cable (if purchased separately).

• Please reset your nuraphones.