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Everything you need to know about your nuraphone

Sound quality troubleshooting

Sound quality troubleshooting

For the highest sound quality: 


• Use an Analog, Lightning or USB cable for lossless transfer.  


• Use a lossless file format, such as AIFF, WAV or FLAC. 

Or use a lossless streaming service, such as Tidal.  


• Turn off Social Mode™ as this will affect your nuraphones' sound quality. 


 Personalise your nuraphones again. 

The nuraphone uses highly sensitive microphones to measure your hearing during personalisation, so any movements, outside noises, or even heavy breathing, can affect your hearing profile.


• If you’re using Spotify or a similar streaming service, then select the high-quality streaming option.  


• If you’re use MP3 or MP3-like files, then use high-bitrate MP3, Ogg or AAC files.

Alternatively, use minimum 256kbps (and preferably 320kbps) files with modern codecs.